Gods and Goddess

Along the path the Monad is one that is directly chosen by how you want to develop. In the eGuide How to Become a God or Goddess (part of the Abundance Mastery Class Program) you can learn how the monads affect your divinity.

Higher still is the nature of God or Goddess. At this point and especially if you have begun to understand teaching here on AvatarBabaji.net or the Advanced or Immortal Now! Ecourse the realism that GOD or Consciousness is neither male nor female and although is the inner and outer self, one generally has to move through either God or Goddess to yourself become more divine.

With this in mind the following can better help you.

Durga is the Highest in this Universe.

Below her is Brahma.

While it would be nice to take Durga as your guru, or even Brahma for those wanting a male role model, both these divine Gods/Goddess do not take on disciples.

Below them and the primary choices for God or Goddess as guru are:

Shiva, Vishnu, Parvatti, Sun, Rama and Devi.

Choosing one of these as your primary guru at times can be difficult. Each has a unique role the instill in you. Each develops something contrasting and each can be analyzed through jnana (see the Jnana course on www.yogasonline.com here) to see which one best suits your requirements.

Once the primary guru has been chosen, thank and develop a lasting relationship!

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