This is the revamped website AvatarBabaji.com. Taking off where that website left off, the next phase is moving into Fifth Dimensional Reality.

For those who were not followers or those interested in following teachings based in Fourth Dimensional Reality, the information, catalogue as well as products will be available in the future to support that information.

Some of the products will be rearranged, re-recorder, and edited to make them better.

The following was the Home Page information from that site:

Welcome to Yoga Kriya

Yoga Kriya, guided meditation, pranayama, Shiva Lord, divinity and God. While these terms may only relate to yoga, spirituality and religion within your mind, all are ways to master true abundance and extreme wealth!

This site will lead you in guided meditation, insightful blogs, powerful advanced ebooks, links to free videos on yoga kriya, pranayama and mastery over higher metaphysics.

Shiva Lord, immortality, wealth manifestation, success, and superior calculated yoga kriya to reflect the higher reaches of mastery over wealth, abundance and immortality will also be shared.

Guided Meditation

On this site in the online shop the breakthrough ebooks will help the most powerless soul become master and icon. Buy purchasing and downloading the ebooks, using the commanding products and online seminars you will learn the secrets to manifest superior wealth, abundance, powers, and the required levels needed to manifest the eight primary sources of true abundance:

Advantages of Pranayama and Yoga Kriya

  • wealth
  • divinity
  • golden body
  • deathlessness
  • longevity
  • fame
  • relationships and
  • power

By buying and studying the guided meditations, pranayama, yoga Kriya, taking the seminars and using the products you will manifest a divine majestic transformation. In addition to the breakthrough and advanced ebooks there are free breakthrough videos, Yoga Kriya, metaphysical discussions, and seminars on how to master abundance, become godlike and attract anything you desire.

Masters including Shiva Lord, Babaji, Jesus and Lord Buddha will be expressed in plain useful language. There also will be effective lessons on powerful yoga kriya, pranayama and ways to become immortal, iconic and even how to master the upper reaches of God.


With that nature in mind, the ideas of this website proper are to support movement into mastery of local, becoming a master creator, master healer, and master teacher…with an ability to more powerfully manifest. This is the details of fifth dimension and the nature of revelations and realizations detailed on this forum.


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